Vacuum Cleaning Tips by the Best Residential House Cleaning Service on the Northshore of Chicago

Common House Cleaning Vacuuming mistakes that should be corrected, advises our 45 Year Old  Northshore House Cleaning Service, Dial-A-Maid. No other House Cleaning Maid Service on the Northshore has more experience and knowledge than we do. We devote time to all aspects of House Cleaning and Maid Service. This says that your home will be cleaned better and more thoroughly than other companies. Dial-A-Maid takes pride in our services to all of our clients and we want our services to stand on their own worth. Below are just some of the mistakes and the ways to correct them, that can be made when you yourself vacuum your carpets and floors, between our Dial-A-Maid House Cleaning visits.

  1. Remember to vacuum in both directions, North to South, as well as East to West. This way you get all the ground in dirt and dust out of all the fibers and floors.
  2. Do not vacuum too quickly. Take your time when vacuuming all your carpets and floors. Your beater brush needs to pick up all the accumulated dirt and pet hair into its machine. Therefore, it needs to pick up on all the fibers in it’s path.
  3. Use your crevice tool for all the corners and edges of the room. Dirt and dust accumulates unseen on the edges of the carpet and the floor. If you don’t vacuum it up when your vacuum, the dirt will become hard and impenetrable. To get the dirt out, you will have to use a hand scrub brush on your knees, or even a toothbrush. This is a very time-consuming task that can be avoided by simply using your crevice tool each time you vacuum.
  4. Adjust the height of your vacuum cleaner for the different carpet heights in your house. Your vacuum cleaner will be much more effective and get all the dirt and dust up from each of the different carpet fiber heights you have in various, different rooms in the house.
  5. Empty your vacuum cleaner bag when it is only half full. Don’t wait for it to be entirely full. Your vacuum cleaner will not work at it’s highest efficiency. It will only vacuum to as little as 50% of it’s efficiency.
  6. Don’t wait for your carpet to look dirty before you vacuum. Lot’s of times, the dirt just sinks down into the carpet fibers and you cannot see the embedded dust and dirt. It’s a good idea just to vacuum on a regular, consistent schedule to keep your carpets clean so you can alleviate any sniffles or allergies to flare up.

Our 45 Year Old House Cleaning Service, Dial-A-Maid, think and promote many thorough cleaning ways throughout our long history. Call us today so we can schedule time in your house and make it a better place to reside for your whole family. We are prepared to service all your House Cleaning needs. Call 847-869-6243, e-mail us at dialamaid@dialamaidusa or visit us at www.Dial-A-Maid.com for the best and most thorough House Cleaning Service on the Northshore and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.    

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