Removing Soap Scum From Bathroom Tiles in Evanston, Il.

Removing Soap Scum from Bathroom tiles in Evanston, Il. should be done on a regular basis, so as not to have a massive build-up. The way to tell if you have soap scum or hard water stains on your tiles, is to take your fingernail and rub it against the tile. If your nail takes off any residue, then this is soap scum. If your nail cannot get off any residue, then this is hard water spots. We will talk about soap scum removal today.

The ingredients are the following :

Table salt, white, distilled vinegar, a plastic container and a nylon scrub brush.

Mix ¼ cup salt, with 2 teaspoons white vinegar. Make a paste. Apply it liberally with a sponge all over the tiles, and the shower faucet and bathtub faucet. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes, in order to get into all the crevices of the tiles. If you need to make more solution, mix some more salt and vinegar paste. Be very generous with the solution, especially if the soap scum has been on the tiles for awhile.

After letting the paste sit for awhile, start scrubbing  the tiles with a nylon scrub brush. Be sure to scrub  the grout also. This solution will not only remove soap scum from tiles, but will also clean up the grimy grout in between your tiles. Your shower faucets and bath faucets will also sparkle.

After thoroughly scrubbing the tiles, rinse them off with lot’s of clear water.

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