Polishing and Cleaning Shoes in Evanston, Il

Save a trip to the airport. Polishing shoes is not a difficult task. First, protect your work surface with newspapers, paper towels, or old rags. Remember, you might need to throw them away after polishing black or brown shoes.Here are some pointers for different types of shoes;

1.Clean patent leather shoes thoroughly with an old, damp rag. Patent leather should be cleaned after each wearing in order to preserve and enjoy the beauty of the patent.

2.Use a hair dryer to heat the shoe just before applying any type of polish. Be careful to put the dryer on a realitively cool setting so as not to burn or scorch the leather.The small amount of heat helps the polish go on smoother and quicker.

3.Use the appropriate color of wax or polish for the shoe and apply it generously. If you have suede shoes, you need to condition and protect them with a special suede spray. Otherwise they will stain when you wear them for the 1st time and you can never get that water or snow stain out. Suede is very delicate and needs to be treated differently than regular leather. Since it is the underside of leather, it is much more vulnerable and absorbent than it's other side.

4.After applying your polish or wax to your shoes, moisten a corner of your polishing rag with water and buff to a gloss shine. This may need a little patience but the effect is immense, both for beauty and durability.

Shoe polish prevents damage by keeping the leather supple and protecting it from the elements. Polishing and Cleaning our shoes makes our whole wardrobe look and feel better.Try to polish and spray with conditioner especially after a rain or snow storm. Water destroys leather and leaves an unsightly film on your shoes. 

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