Pillows, the caring and buying of them, Highland Park, Il..

Pillows and how to care for them.

 Fluff pillows daily when you make the bed.

Guard against stains by encasing pillows in machine-washable, zippered pillow protectors.  Launder protectors once per month.

Don't toss extra pillows on the floor when you go to bed. Place them on a sofa or chair to keep them clean.

Pillows should be washed and cleaned every three to six months to remove mold, bacteria, and odors. Read the care label for instructions.

Pillows that can't be laundered, such as wool, silk, or down, should be spot cleaned with a mild dishwashing liquid and aired outside in the sunshine two or three times a year.

No pillow lasts forever. When it's lifeless, flat, badly stained, or can't be fluffed, it's time to replace it. Choose a pillow that will retain its shape while also providing proper support for your neck and spine.

If you are a side or back sleeper, choose a medium to firm pillow filled with a combination of down and feathers, or with silk. 

If you are a stomach sleeper, choose a soft pillow filled with down to reduce neck strain. 

Signs of quality include neat, well-filled corners. Choose pillows made of silk or cotton with a high thread count. A pillows' appearance should be full, not lumpy or uneven.

Always make sure to check the care labels before you buy a pillow to make sure you can easily maintain it. Remember, you spend 1/3 of life in bed! Let's make it healthy and pleasant. We, here at , understand this and Dial-A-Maidalways treat your pillows with lot's of cleanliness and care.  


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