How to organize and clean a pantry in Evanston, Il

Organizing and cleaning a pantry in Evanston, Il., gives you the satisfaction and feeling that you know what items you have in your pantry and therefore, do not run out of last minute food items when you are cooking.

The best shelves to have in your pantry are wooden ones. They seem to be able to hold and display more food stuff than the wire shelves. It might be worth it to change your wire shelves to wooded ones for this reason alone. 

Start your organizing and cleaning in your pantry by taking everything out and putting it on your counters. Take some dishwashing soap and water and wipe down all your shelves. This takes care of all the crumbs in the corners

 Then, vacuum your pantry floor and wash it. This is a perfect opportunity to clean and sanitize your pantry.Organizing and cleaning a pantry in Evanston, Il. does not have to be an intimidating task.

After you take everything out, Throw out  all your expired food items or food that you no longer want or use.

Next, get organizational boxes and containers. The container store, Target, Walmart, Homegoods store, or online, you can find many different types of organizational tools. Get matching jars, different size canisters, clean plastic shoe containers, baskets, wire and wicker, all  different sizes and stackable. A great organizational tool is an extendable shelf that you can put your spices and specifically see each one, or even small cans can be put on those shelves. A small, revolving lazy Susan can be put in the corner with your oil and vinegar on it.

Before you put everything back into the  pantry, label each item with a wine glass writer. This ensures that if you put something else into that same container, you can just wipe off the letters and put in the new item name. Vary the canisters and containers in your shelves for maximum space and vision.

Organizing and cleaning a pantry in Evanston, Il. will be a very rewarding and satisfying  endeavor.


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