Handling the Hamper in Evanston, Il.

The word "hamper" is derived from the British term meaning "wicker basket." In the United States, we use the work to identify the bin we use for dirty clothes, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. As a means of organization, have a centralized location for the dirty clothes hamper. The bathroom where people shower is a good place since people are usually taking off dirty clothing before they get in the shower. If you have multiple people in your home, you probably have a lot of laundry. To simplify the system, you may want to consider adding a hamper in each bedroom. With the exception of small children, each person can be responsible for getting their dirty items to the laundry area.

When you empty the hamper, check for lingering dirt and debris. Take a damp towel and run it over the inside and outside of the hamper before returning it to its designation. If odor is an issue, squirt a bit of lemon juice on the cleaning cloth and go over it again. If this does not solve the problem, consider sprinkling the bottom with a teaspoon of baking soda. If the hamper has a removable cloth insert, throw it in the washing machine to clean it. If it appears to have mold or mildew spots, soak the liner in equal parts vinegar and water before attempting to wash it. If the stains are not diminished, replace the liner.

If the hamper is plastic, wipe it dry before using it again. If it is made of wicker or cloth, place it in the sun to dry. Dampness can create mildew. Be careful not to place wet towels or other items in the hamper among dry clothing. Mildew can ruin clothing and bedding, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. The above suggestions are in The Complete Guide to Eco-friendly House Cleaning by Anne B. Kocsis.


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