Garage organizing and sorting in Evanston, Il.

Now that fall is upon us, we all start thinking about organizing, sorting, and storing our outdoor patio sets,  garden tools, lawnmowers, outdoor play areas, etc. in our enclosed garages. Consequently, there is lots more stuff in our garages, besides, hopefully, our cars. 

Organizing and sorting is the key. Here are some pointers:

1. Store everything light by hanging it as high as reachably possible. This keeps you from stumbling and tripping over them.

2.Find, buy, or make a wall cabinet to store small hand tools, paint and lawn chemicals, etc. Concealing stuff in the garage is emotionally and physically gratifying.

3. Make sure you can see. Most garages are poorly lighted. Wiring is usually adequate to convert incandescent fixtures into fluorescent tube lights. It will make the garage look better and will be safer for you and your loved ones.

4. Paint the garage walls- 90% of garages are unfinished and therefore look shabby and naked. Two coats of a good enamel can be applied and make you feel like you have gained another room inside your home. If the walls are bare studs, put up sheet rock.

5. Prepare and seal the floor, it it's concrete. This will make it fast and easy to maintain and improve looks and feel of the garage. To seal your garage floor, remove everything from the floor: sweet up all surface dirt. Mop on a solution of strong alkaline cleaner, or acid diluted with water. Let it soak for awhile. If the floor is old and grease marked, scrub it with a floor scrubber. Power hose the solution off . Let the floor dry overnight, then apply a transparent concrete seal or an all purpose seal. You might need a second coat of seal to make sure that all the rough surfaces have been filled. you 

There's no reason to have a garage that you ignore. Garage organizing and sorting in Evanston, Il will make make you feel more comfortable and safe during the winter months.


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