Evanston, Il, Copper Cleaning and Polishing

Evanston, Il. 60201,  various methods for cleaning copper objects. Copper and bronze are basically the same composition, they are an alloy of copper and tin. Left unpolished and unlacquered, they can quickly becomes tarnished through oxidation.

General cleaning of copper objects is easy and should be done gently. The main thing you want to aviod is scratching the surface. For routine maintenance, just dust with a soft dry cloth such as an old T-shirt. If grime from the air has built up on the piece, dampen the cloth with water before rubbing the copper surface. Unlacquered copper will have to be polished to maintain its shine. Brass polishes, such as Brasso, work well.

To add a quick shine to bronze or copper buttons and other small pieces, try rubbing them with a little ketchup. You can make your own polish by mixing 1 tablespoon salt with 1 tablespoon flour, says James W. McGann, vice president for quality at Virginia Metalcrafters in Waynesboro, Virginia, which creates all the brass and bronze pieces used at Colonial Williamsburg. Stir 1 tablespoon white vinegar.Apply the paste with a soft damp cloth, rub gently, rinse, and wipe dry with a dry soft cloth.

DIal-A-Maid Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il recommends  some of the following hints for caring for your copper and bronze pieces. Never use harsh cleansers or abrasive pads to clean copper. These could scratch the metal. Handle pieces as infrequently as possible. The oils from your fingers can leave permanent marks. If you use moisture when cleaning a copper piece, dry it thoroughly afterward with a soft dry cloth to prevent spots from forming. Don't use spray waxes or polishes. They'll dull the shine. Following these helpful hints, will ensure the beauty of your copper and bronze items for years to come. 

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