Essential Oil Many Benefits and Cleaning Properties, in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Northbrook, IL.

Essential Oils not only smell phenomenal  and have wonderful cleaning effects,  but also Essential Oils  have very effective antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Essential oils have become very popular again, throughout the world, says Dial-A-Maid House Cleaning Service in Evanston, IL. We use them for a myriad of things throughout our lives. To get the most benefits from Essential oils, make sure you read the labels on them. Only purchase 100% pure Essential Oil. Do not get anything less than the pure oils, in that they will not even remotely, be effective, in the solution you pour them into. Essential Oils should be 100% pure, and organic. So make sure your Essential Oils are from only credible and high quality manufacturers, to be the most effective, recommends Dial-A-Maid, a premier Northshore of Chicago House Cleaning Service, in Northbrook, IL.

As a gentle scent, Essential oil drops, about 5 of them, can be added to 3 cups of water and placed in a spray bottle. Spray the room with this mist and you will be pleasantly surprised at the instant scent which will permeate your room.  Put a few drops of your favorite Essential Oil in with your household degreaser. It will enable your degreaser to fight off bacteria and fungus better, as well as offset the somewhat obnoxious and strong smell of the degreaser, Dial-A-Maid House Cleaning Service in Glenview, advises.

Essential Oil can also be used as a disinfectant. Place about 20 drops of your favorite oil in a spray bottle, with a little water. Spray a cleaning cloth and wipe down door handles, light switches, etc. with it and wherever you wipe with your cleaning cloth, will be disinfected. Even spray a bedroom that someone has been sick in and the miraculous properties of the Oil will obliterate most of the germs. Also, try putting 30-40 drops of Essential Oil in a cup of water and spray your Linen sheets. They will just smell and feel so clean and fresh, Dial-A-Maid House Cleaning Service, a 45 year old house cleaning service, suggests. A word of caution, though, make sure your pet does not have allergies to any of the oils. Test a small area of a room first and expose your pet to it, before you go and use any oil throughout the whole house.

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