Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol in Arlington Heights

At Dial A Maid we are always searching the web and libraries for cleaning tips. With the cold weather here in Arlington Heights keeping us indoors we were searching for a good way to keep the home clean. We found it-Rubbing Alcohol!

We found so many uses for Rubbing Alcohol we just had to share them with you. Stainless steel appliances are fingerprint free and shine up a storm  when you clean them with a little alcohol on a microfiber rag. And even though Rubbing Alcohol may not kill all germs, it certainly may help to minimize their effects! So don't forget the handles on your fridge, knobs on your stove and handle on the microwaive and toaster.

Rubbing alcohol is really inexpensive too! We found it at Sams Club for $3.58 for 2 32oz bottles. What a bargain!

Don't forget to spray a little rubbing alcohol on your door knobs, cabinet pulls and dresser pulls where little hands can leave lots of germs.  You can also use it to clean your mirrors-they'll sparkle and shine.

So try out some Rubbing Alcohol around the house-or better yet let Dial A Maid do it for you and go play in the snow!