Cleaning a Kitchen Sink in Evanston, Il.

Cleaning your kitchen sink  and what's inside of it can be a constant challenge. We all eat, drink, sometimes wash in the kitchen so our kitchen sinks get the most use of any of the places in our kitchens. Our sinks must be sanitized to prevent illness, but also must be repeatedly cleaned in order for us to have some organization in our kitchen. Nothing looks worse than a sink full of dirty dishes! It makes the whole kitchen looks like a disaster. Our first priority in cleaning our sinks, is to wash all of our dirty dishes or rinse and put them in our dishwasher. Then, our pots and pans need the same care. We can leave our pans to soak overnight but who wants to face them in the morning! For stubborn stains, either on dishes or pans, use some dry baking soda and a non-abrasive sponge and the grease and stuck on food will come off quickly.

After you wash your dishes and pans, dry them and put them away in the cabinets. The kitchen looks so much more tidy this way. Now it's time to tackle the kitchen sink. If you wash your sink each time you wash your dishes, you will not have any caked- on dirt to contend with. But if you let it go for days, then you need  to use some elbow grease and some baking soda or vinegar. Both of these work wonders to cleanse and sanitize your sink effortlessly. Use them with a non-abrasive scrub pad. They work on all types of kitchen sinks: ceramic, porcelain, stainless, corian, marble. If you have hard water, you will need to periodically take out the screen on your faucet and scrub it with vinegar and a toothbrush. This will free all the hard-water components in your faucet so your water tastes better and is healthier.  

Cleaning your kitchen sink is one of the most basic and needed sanitization chore in the house, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Company in Evanston, Il.  

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