Cleaning Out Chaotic Houses in Evanston, Il

Even the neatest and tidiest of us may find ourselves dealing with chaos occasionally. Cleaning up the aftermath of natural disasters or fires, acquiring a neglected property, or the simple impulse to help someone who is feeling overwhelmed can land us in the midst of a mess that make us feel unequipped to handle. Here are some tips for coping with extreme disorder by an environmental, healthy, Residential Housecleaning Service in Evanston, Il.
1. Work with a friend. Coping with chaos can be depressing. Don't attempt it alone.
2. Before you begin cleaning or moving things,  sweep up or remove hazards such as broken glass and debris.
3. If the room or building is extremely dusty, is very moldy, or contains large quantities of rodent droppings, wear a dust mask while you work. Use a shop-vac to remove dust from each tiny area as it is cleared of clutter.
4. Get rid of items that you haven't used for 2 years. Let them go to some one that will use and need them.
5. Sort piles in separate boxes or bags, i.e. garbage, Goodwill, recycling, glass, lampshades. You get the idea.
6. Disuse encourages rodents, insects, rust, mild, mildew, and fungus. Get rid of them.
7. Don't start fixing things while you are still cleaning out the room or building. 
8. Don't get rid of things you use all the time. They are part of your life, and you will miss them immediately. The aim of decluttering and cleaning out is to give you more room to live your life, not to deprive you of the things you need.
9. Keep a running list of things to do, such as Clean out bedroom closet, Clean out medicine cabinet, Take old cans of paint to a hazardous waste facility. Cross tasks off as you accomplish them.
10.Keep a running list of things to save and their ultimate destination. For instance, Box up old eyeglasses, deliver to Lion's Club.
Following the above tips will enable you to have a  cleaner and more sanitary house, says an environmental, healthy, Residentail Housecleaning Service. 





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