Cleaning Lampshades in Evanston, Il. 60201

Cleaning Lampshades in Evanston, Il 60201 . Let the light shine in, says Dial-a-Maid Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. 60201. 

The easiest way to wash fabric covered shades is in the bathtub. Put enough cool water in the tub to allow you to roll the shade on its side. Add some mild soap or detergent. Swirl the shade in the water/soap combination gently. Remove the soapy water and rinse the shade, using the same method, make sure the water is cool. Shake the shade gently to remove excess water and allow to dry in an upright position. Drying can be speeded up by using the blow dryer. This works particularly well on thick areas that dry more slowly.

For paper shades and shades with glue, you can't wet these shades, so vacuum them frequently with the duster brush on your vacuum. You can purchase a soot and dirt removal sponge at the hardware store or your local home center store. It's basically a big block eraser that you use dry to erase the dirt away. It works beautifully, just as long as you don't allow the shade to become heavily soiled. This eraser can also be used on washable shades.

Make sure the soot and dirt removal sponge is used dry on a dry object. You may wash the sponge, but be sure to let it dry before using it again.

For Parchment shades, dust or vacuum them regularly. You can use the soot and dirt removal sponge on these too. 

For plastic shades, wash these in warm water and mild soap, Dry them well and then restore the shine with spray furniture polish.

Unfortunately, scorch marks on lampshades are not removable. The material is weakened by the heat and the damage is permanent. Take care when choosing bulbs. Scorch marks are generally caused by bulbs that are too large for the shade. Shades are expensive, so take good care of them, says Dial-A-Maid Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. 60201.


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