Allergy Free Sleeping in Evanston, Il

Researchers have confirmed that the bulk of all inhaled allergens originate in the bed. House dust mite allergens have been linked to the development of asthma in infants. So, for many years, health professionals advised asthmatics to use safe, hygienic, synthetic stuffed pillows and comforters rather than down or feather filled bedding, says an environmental Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. 60201. This idea seems logical, but unfortunately, it has been proven false. Studies conducted by the Wellington Asthma Research Group in New Zealand have shown that synthetic filled bedding is more like to cause or aggravate asthma than feather filled and down filled bedding. When researchers measured the concentrations of house dust mite allergens in synthetic filled versus feather filled duvets in homes in Wellington, they found that the synthetic bedding contained ten times as much house dust mite allergens as did the feather bedding. Also, another study showed that synthetic pillows contained about seven times more dust mite allergens than feather pillows.

After these studies, The Wellington Asthma Research Group concentrated on why the synthetic bedding had greater numbers of dust mites, and they discovered that the coverings of synthetic pillows and bed coverings are made of coarser material than are the pillows and comforters stuffed with feathers or down.Feathers and down can only be contained by finely woven fabric. Synthetic fillings are less active and therefore can be contained within cheaper, more coarsely woven material. The researchers measured the weave of the materials and found that the average synthetic pillow was covered with fabric that had 57 millimeter wide spaces between the threads, while the average feather pillow fabric had 18 millimeter spaces. The average width of a larval house dust mite is 20 millimeters. So the same fabric that keeps the feathers in also keeps the dust mites out. This data was gotten in the book "Organic Housekeeping" by Ellen Sandbeck.

An environment Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. therefore concludes, that if there are any asthmatics in the home, it would be wise  to replace all synthetic bedding with feather bedding. 

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